This event has been cancelled.

An one day silent Retreat exploring Zen and Christian meditation.

Many people are interested in the experience of meditation and in exploring spirituality. Chaplains from Christian and Zen traditions invite you to join them in exploring the similarities and differences of these two traditions of meditation. In the 1950s Thomas Merton, the US Christian Trappist monk, was one of the first people in the West to explore Zen. Since then many people from different religious and philosophical world views have encountered Zen and learnt much about their own traditions in the process.

This day retreat is for students and staff of Imperial, RCA, RCM, LSE and UAL (and those from other Colleges who receive this invitation via the Church of England or Catholic Chaplaincy networks).

It is suitable for those who have either an established regular meditation or silent prayer practice.

The day will be involve alternate periods of silent sitting meditation and walking meditation.

There will be an introduction to the use of Koans (stories or puzzling texts) from Zen tradition and Lectio Divina (slow meditative reading ) from Christian tradition. There will also be some mindful creative activities.

It is recommended to wear comfortable clothes.

Please bring some vegetarian food to share for lunch.

The fee of £10 goes towards covering the costs of material we are going to use.

Booking deadline is18th March 6pm.

Please book only with your university email. Other bookings will not be accepted.

If you have any questions, please contact
Hogets at
Andrew at

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