Aron Walsh


The theory and simulation of materials has become increasingly accurate and predictive in the 21st century. Current advances are being supported by rapid developments in both hardware (classical supercomputers and the first commercial quantum computers) and software (new algorithms and an open source community). Transfer of knowledge and statistical techniques from the artificial intelligence community has the potential to supercharge optimisation and discovery of materials for energy conversion and storage technologies. I will progress in this direction and the open tools available to support data-driven materials design.


Aron was trained in computational chemistry and physics at Trinity College Dublin. He has since held positions at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (USA), University College London, and the University of Bath. He joined the Department of Materials as a Full Professor in 2016, where he leads the Materials Design Group, and has been named on the Web of Science Highly Cited Researcher List in 2018 and 2019.

Energy Futures Lab

Energy Futures Lab is one of six Global Institutes at Imperial College London. The institute was established to address global energy challenges by identifying and leading new opportunities to serve industry, governments and society at large through high quality research, evidence and advocacy for positive change. The institute aims to promote energy innovation and advance systemic solutions for a sustainable energy future by bringing together the science, engineering and policy expertise at Imperial and fostering collaboration with a wide variety of external partners. The Energy Futures Lab daytime seminars are delivered by staff and students from across the College and further afield.

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