Interfacial doping in hybrid perovskite devices: the effects on current voltage behaviour
William Fisher
28 May 3-4pm
Microsoft Teams

Will is a 3rd year PhD student in EXSS under the supervision of Piers Barnes. His work focuses uses device simulation, modelling and experiments.  He has been working hybrid perovskite devices, namely solar cells, FETs and memristors. using impedance spectroscopy under a variety of environmental conditions and other transient optoelectronic characterisations, equivalent circuit modelling and Drift-diffusion simulations for all of the above devices.  The common theme is to make our understanding of the interaction between mobile ionic charge and electronic transport properties more complete.

The CPE Soft Electronic Materials is a seminar series funded by the CPE for PhDs, PostDocs and Fellows to present their research to open up discussion and collaboration. We aim to have speakers from all groups and areas of research within the CPE.

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