Northern lights

Sail the solar wind during this audio-visual tour from the Sun to the Earth’s atmosphere with former Kiss FM DJ turned solar physicist Dr Martin Archer.

We are all aware of the wonderous spectacle of the aurora borealis produced by the interaction of our Sun’s solar wind and Earth’s magnetic field and upper atmosphere. But what would such a magical phenomenon sound like if we could tune in? 

Join Dr Martin Archer, Imperial’s Stephen Hawking Fellow and former DJ on Kiss FM, for an audio-visual tour of our Sun, and the music made as its solar wind arrives at Earth. 

Learn how the Solar Orbiter mission is the latest to measure the solar wind, what these measurements are revealing about the true violent nature of our local star, and why space weather that threatens our modern satellite dependent society sit alongside global pandemics near the top of the UK’s Risk Register.

Imperial Lates Online 

This event is part of Imperial Lates Online: The Sun. Tune in for a week-long celebration of the Sun and its life-giving energy as we take a scientific journey into the heart of our star from 15-18 March. 

Imperial Lates Online are most suitable for over 18s. 

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