Institute of Infection launch text - researcher analysing 96 well plate

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We present an exciting two-day online programme to launch the Institute and showcase Imperial’s research strengths.

MONDAY, OCTOBER 4th (MAIN LAUNCH: 3:30pm-5:30pm):

  • 15:30: Welcome from Professor Alice Gast, President of Imperial College London
  • 15:40: Overview of the Institute from Professors Charles Bangham and Jake Baum (Co-Directors)
  • 15:50: Keynote address from Ms Julia Gillard, Chair of the Wellcome Trust
  • 16:05: Panel discussion, Chaired by Prof Mary Ryan.

Panel members: Profs Charles Bangham, Wendy Barclay, Jake Baum, Lord Ara Darzi, Neil Ferguson, Julia Gillard, Alison Holmes, Peter Openshaw, Faith Osier, Nilay Shah, Robin Shattock, Molly Stevens

  • 17:05: Closing remarks


  • A full day of talks from infection researchers across Imperial (below)

About the Institute of Infection

The Institute of Infection’s mission is to transform the understanding and control of infection through interdisciplinary science. Bringing together clinical, medical, engineering, natural science and economic researchers from across Imperial, we will turn fundamental discoveries into interventions that will save and improve lives globally.

Tuesday schedule

9:30 Open
9:35  Dr Athina Georgiadou (Infectious Disease): Understanding malaria pathogenesis
9:45 Professor Christl Donnelly (School of Public Health): Understanding the COVID-19 epidemic through the lens of the REACT study
9:55 Dr Anna Barnard (Chemistry): Chemical tools to study toxin-antitoxin interactions
10:05 Dr Rongjun Chen (Chemical Engineering): Bio-inspired nanoformulations for healthcare applications
10:15 Dr Fadil Bidmos (Infectious Disease): Approaches for enhanced discovery & design of bacterial vaccine antigens
10:25 Q and A
10:55 Break
11:20 Professor Chris Chiu (Infectious Diseases): Human respiratory virus challenge to understand pathogenesis and protection
11:30 Ms Tabasom Haghighi (Materials): A point of care rapid diagnostic test for detection of malaria transmission competency
11:40 Dr Calvin Tiengwe (Life Sciences): Evasion of nutritional immunity by African Trypanosomes
11:50 Dr Ellie Sherrard-Smith (School of Public Health): Vector control and malaria: Challenges, product performance and strategy
12:00 Q and A
12:25 Lunch
1:25  Professor Graham Cooke (Infectious Disease): How do we eliminate viral hepatitis?
1:35 Dr Matthew Child (Life Sciences): Fantastic beasts and how to kill them
1:45 Dr Rachel  Edgar (Infectious Disease): Biological timing, homeostasis and viral infections
1:55 Dr Nuria Oliva-Jorge (Bioengineering): Nanotechnology-enabled gene therapy for infection
2:05 Dr Tiago Dias da Costa (Life Sciences): Architecture of a bacterial DNA transfer nanomachine
2:15  Q and A
2:45 Break
3:15  Professor Robin Shattock (Infectious Disease): Translating early vaccine research and development
3:25 Ms Kenny Malpartida-Cardenas (Electrical and Electronic Engineering): Molecular diagnostics for infectious diseases using microchip technology
3:35 Professor Marisa Miraldo (Business School): Economics of Infectious Disease
3:455 Professor Peter Openshaw (National Heart and Lung Institute): Science and pandemic preparedness: how prepared were we?
3:55 Professor Faith Osier (Human Immunology Laboratory – IAVI): Translating science into global health impact
4:05 Q and A
4:35 Close
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