Portrait of Professor Randall Platt

Seminar title:
Harnessing the CRISPR toolbox to engineer biology

Molecular technologies enabling the high throughput interrogation of genetic elements fuels our capacity to understand and control complex biological systems. With current methodologies used in the field of biomedicine the rate at which genes are being associated with biological and disease processes has drastically outstripped the pace at which their causality can be tested and understood.

In this lecture you will hear about how we are harnessing the CRISPR toolbox to engineer biology and bridge this gap.

Speaker biography:
Portrait of Dr Randy Platt in a laboratoryRandy Platt is an Associate Professor of Biological Engineering at ETH Zurich with a co-affiliation at the Department of Chemistry at the University of Basel. He is also an investigator of the Botnar Research Center for Child health. Randy studied biomedical engineering and chemistry at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, Utah.

In 2011 he obtained an MPhil from Imperial College London in material science and in 2016 a PhD from MIT in biological engineering. After a postdoctoral fellowship joint between MIT, Harvard University, and the Broad Institute he started his lab at ETH Zurich in 2016.

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