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About the event

To prosper at work, we need people with more power than us to notice our ideas and contributions. However, hierarchical organisations are bad at this: managers pursue their own agendas; decision-makers succumb to groupthink; cultural and gender biases get in the way.

To overcome these barriers, according to Professor Connson Locke from the London School of Economics, we need to use “upwards influence” to win over those with more formal power than us.

In this webinar we will discuss:

  • The five sources of power and which work best when managing up
  • How to deal with resistance and recover when things go wrong
  • How and why you should cultivate “expert power”
  • An effective way of dealing with imposter syndrome
  • How to counteract bias and stereotyping

    About the speaker

    Speaker headshotProfessor Connson Locke teaches leadership, organisational behaviour, negotiation and decision making at the London School of Economics. She has received several teaching awards including the Department of Management Outstanding Teaching Contribution Award and the LSE Excellence in Education Award. She is the author of Making Your Voice Heard: How to own your space, access your inner power and become influential.

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