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The Centre for Advanced Therapeutics Early Career Researcher Network is delighted to welcome Dr Karl-Anton Harms and Dr Chunliang (Luke) Wang from the Department of Bioengineering, Imperial College London. Karl and Luke will be presenting their work on utilising cutting-edge biomaterials in surgical applications such as burn surgery and orthopedic implants.

Dr Karl-Anton Harms – A material influence on burn wound healing.

Abstract: The impact of material science on the field of burn surgery has been felt by patients over the past decades. However, as we make further strides in the fields of tissue engineering and drug delivery this impact has been augmented. Our current treatment paradigms will be discussed, with a focus on clinically utilised materials. These technologies will be reviewed and placed in the context of novel wound healing research directions with an outline of my current work being undertaken in the Stevens Group at Imperial College.

Dr Chunliang (Luke) Wang – Challenging musculoskeletal cases in the orthopedic practices

Abstract: The development and advancement of the orthopedic implants and devices have dramatically changed the daily practices in the orthopedic medicine. However, there are still much unmet need and clinical challenge. First, I will use 3 of my cases to demonstrate some of these challenges and current strategies. These cases will include fragility fractures, chronic tendon ligament injuries, and early staged osteoarthritis. Second, I will share some of my thoughts about the current ongoing technology that could help tackle these challenges. Third, I will also share some of my current works in Stevens group.

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