Ken Goldberg

To improve patient care, a new generation of robots is being developed to actively assist surgeons in the operating room.  These robots can autonomously perform tedious subtasks such as suturing and debridement to improve consistency and reduce fatigue, analogous to advances in automotive anti-skid braking and intelligent lane-keeping systems.

New companies and labs are using Recent advances in AI and deep
 learning are being applied by researchers and companies worldwide to develop this new generation robots, which also opens the door to
long-distance tele-surgery.

In this talk Prof. Goldberg will present recent advances from his lab including novel hardware and software with applications to cutting, suturing, palpation, dissection, retraction, debridement and a recent result — “Superhuman Peg Transfer”, where a robot autonomously performs a standard surgical task with accuracy and speed on par with a surgeon and with significantly more consistency.

The Robot Surgeon Will See You Now (NY Times, 30 April 2021)

Ken Goldberg is William S. Floyd Jr. Distinguished Chair in Engineering, UC Berkeley.  He is Professor of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research with joint appointments in EECS, College of Engineering, School of Information, and Art Practice, Director, CITRIS “People and Robots” Initiative, Co-Director, Centre for Automation and Learning for Medical Robotics (Cal-MR), and Adjunct Professor of Radiation Oncology at UCSF Medical School.  

Prof. Goldberg’s papers on surgical robotics.


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