Dr Alice Denton

Please join us for the next instalment of the Wright Fleming Institute Seminar Series via Teams


Dr Alice Denton, Imperial College London


Alice completed her PhD in Melbourne, Australia, under the supervision of Profs Peter Doherty and Stephen Turner, investigating how CD8+ T cells fight influenza A virus infection. She then moved to the UK to work with Prof. Doug Fearon at the University of Cambridge, studying lymphoid fibroblasts and discovering their important role in regulating immune homeostasis and the generation of adaptive immunity. Alice then moved to the Babraham Institute where she continued working on lymphoid fibroblasts in ectopic lymphoid structures and ageing with Michelle Linterman. Alice moved to Imperial College London in January 2020 to develop her own group, where they are looking into how lymphoid fibroblasts respond to vaccines, how this is linked to the efficacy of vaccination, with a focus on improving vaccine efficacy in older people. Alice is currently funded by an MRC Career Development Award. 

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