Dr Katharine Lodge

Join us for the next Inflammation, Repair and Development seminar to hear from Dr Katharine Lodge speaking on ‘Hypoxia drives neutrophil-mediated endothelial damage in COPD. The session is chaired by Professor Robert Snelgrove.


Dr Katharine Lodge is an Academic Clinical Lecturer and Specialty Registrar in Respiratory Medicine at Imperial College. She studied medicine at the University of Cambridge and undertook her Foundation and Core Medical Training in North West Thames and the East of England. She then received a Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Training Fellowship to study neutrophil function in COPD, under Professor Alison Condliffe and Dr Wei Li in the Condliffe/Chilvers lab in Cambridge. During her PhD, Katharine uncovered a potential role for phosphorylation signalling pathways in hypoxic neutrophils that mediate its damaging effect on endothelial cells. Her research now aims to interrogate hypoxic human neutrophils to uncover new pathways of relevance to inflammatory lung diseases.