Amy Gladfelter is a quantitative cell biologist and a Professor of Biology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  She is also affiliated with the Lineberger Cancer Center and a fellow of the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, MA.   Prior to moving to UNC in 2016, Amy led a research group at Dartmouth where she was an Assistant and Associate Professor of Biology. She trained at Princeton University (AB) with Bonnie Bassler, Duke University (Ph.D.) with Danny Lew and UniBasel Biozentrum (post-doc) with Peter Philippsen before starting her independent career at Dartmouth in 2006.  She has been honored with the 2014 Graduate Mentoring Award from Dartmouth, the 2015 Mid-Career Award for Excellence in Research from the American Society of Cell Biology and is an Howard Hughes Medical Institute Faculty Scholar.

The Gladfelter lab is interested in how cells are organized in time and space.  We study how cytoplasm is spatially patterned and how cells sense their own shape.  We also investigate how timing in the cell division cycle can be highly variable yet still accurate. For our work, we combine quantitative live cell microscopy and computational, genetic and biochemical approaches in fungal and mammalian cells.

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