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We have an incredible lineup of talks including:

Laura Towart, Founder & CEO of Vivan Therapeutics – Vivan Tx’s Personal Discovery Process (PDP) is effectively a massive clinical trial for a single patient. The genetic complexity of each patient’s unique tumour network is engineered into an army of 500,000 fruit fly “avatars”. Using robotics, they then evaluate up to 2,000 approved drugs, to identify drug combinations that are efficacious.

Pervinder Sagoo PhD, Director of Gene & Cell Therapy Research at Orchard Therapeutics– Orchard is building on decades of research and advancements in the field of gene therapy to develop potential cures for genetic and other severe diseases. Its approach harnesses the unique power of a patient’s own genetically modified blood stem cells, also known as hematopoietic stem cells, or HSCs, to potentially correct the underlying cause of a genetic disease permanently using a single administration.

Michael K. Leverentz PhD, Research Development Manager at Henry Royce Institute – Atoms2Devices -The Henry Royce Institute supports world-recognised excellence in UK materials research. The particular vision of ‘Atoms to Devices’ (A2D) is to provide the underpinning, cross-disciplinary, technology platforms to facilitate and support the accelerated discovery and development of new device materials. Through the deposition of precisely controlled thin films, the engineering of interfaces, and the ability to control doping on the nanoscale, it enables the design of new devices and new technological solutions that underpin a breadth of societal applications.

Tim Von Werne CEO at RFC Power – Specialising in developing novel flow battery chemistries for energy storage systems, RFC Power focuses on the chemistry, cell architecture and optimisation of flow battery stack components. It is working with partners to build and market its storage systems making use of existing production facilities, supplier networks and economies of scale.

The DeepTech Network Community

If you’re a science, tech or engineering business, academic or startup using deep tech to improve our world, this event is for you!

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16:30 Registration + drinks

17:00 Short talks by academics, industry and startups + Q&A

18:10 Drinks, Pizza + Networking

19:00 Event closes

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