SM webinar - salary negotiation for women

According to Sensible Media research, studies show that women face an uphill battle in salary negotiation: employers judge women more negatively for asking and offer less when they do negotiate. Unsurprisingly, fewer women initiate salary negotiations.

The key to escaping this trap, according to negotiation consultant Fotini Iconomopolous (author of Say Less, Get More), is to realise that negotiation tactics that work for men (think: coldness) don’t work for women.

In this webinar, Fotini will spell out an alternative approach to pay negotiation that avoids these pitfalls.

She will discuss:

  • Why you need to distinguish between competitive and collaborative negotiations (and adapt your behaviour for each)
  • The critical importance of information for women (and four ways to get more)
  • Why you should learn to press the “pause button”
  • Why you must always look to add issues to a negotiation
  • How to defuse attempts to pressurise and bully.

Everyone who registers for the webinar will be asked to complete a negotiation experiences questionnaire and we will share a full resource pack afterwards including:

  • Free access to the online course
  • Perks and benefits handout
  • Negotiation prep workbook
  • 12 months’ access to the webinar recording.

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You are welcome to share the details of this event with other Imperial alumni you may be in contact with. Spaces for the event are limited and will be offered on a first come, first served basis.

Fotini Iconomopoulos is an instructor of MBA Negotiations at the Schulich School of Business at York University in Toronto.
She used her negotiation skills in the corporate world in the consumer packaged goods industry before becoming a management consultant where she created a successful negotiation advisory practice for another global firm before branching off on her own. She is passionate about helping people develop the confidence to take on whatever challenges come their way, and has a particular interest in empowering women and disadvantaged groups.
Fotini is the author of Say Less, Get More: Unconventional Negotiation Techniques to Get What You Want

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