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Title – Roadmapping the Future of Technology: In Space and on Earth
Speaker  – Prof. Olivier de Weck, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Venue – Skempton Bilding, Lecture Theatre 201 / MS Teams online

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In this seminar I will discuss what I have learned from studying the evolution of technology over longer periods of time. This includes how to quantify technological progress correctly (generalized Moore’s Law, S-Curves and Pareto fronts) and how to plan for its future improvement through technology roadmapping and focused R&D investment. Case studies presented will include the Automobile which has changed personal mobility and the dynamics of our cities, as well as DNA sequencing which has unlocked information about the human genome. I will conclude by speculating about the existence of a future technological singularity and what I see as the major challenges and opportunities for technology in the 21st century. This seminar is based on the recent book “Technology Roadmapping and Development” published by Springer Nature in June 2022.

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Olivier de Weck is the Apollo Program Professor of Astronautics and Engineering Systems at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His main research is in Systems Engineering with a focus on how complex technological systems, such as satellites and launch vehicles, are designed and optimized and how they evolve over time. He is a Fellow of INCOSE and Fellow of AIAA and a former chair of its Space Logistics Technical Committee. He helped develop the first integrated model of the Next Generation Space Telescope (now JWST) and the concept of interplanetary supply chains together with colleagues at NASA and JPL. Prof. de Weck previously served as Senior Vice President of Technology Planning and Roadmapping at Airbus and he is currently the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Spacecraft and Rockets. His passion is to improve life on our home planet Earth, while paving the way for humanity’s future off-world settlements

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