Catholic responses to Climate Crisis: an introduction to Laudato Si
A talk by Edward De Quay from the Laudato Si Research Institute (LSRI),

Wednesday 25th January
14:30 in the Garden Room
Multifaith Chaplaincy, 15 Princes Gardens SW7 1NA.

Catholic Society looking at Pope Francis’ thinking about how to respond to the Climate Crisis from his publication ‘Laudato Si.’

Laudato Si is addressed to “every living person on this planet.” So they would be delighted to welcome all students and staff interested in the care of our common home, of all faiths and world views.

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Speaker Information
“Edward is the ‘Carbon Transition Officer’ for the LSRI, developing strands of work to help the Church decarbonise in a way consistent with its teaching. He is inspired by the potential for the Church to make a real difference in responding to the ecological crisis and by the possibilities for parish community building as a result of such a response.
Edward has spent his career to date working for the Catholic Church on the practical applications of Catholic Social Teaching, both in the community and in the context of the environment. In his spare moments, he helps out with Arundel and Brighton’s ‘Journey to 2030’ project.
Edward co-leads the Diocese of Salford’s decarbonisation strategy, which seeks to develop a replicable model for dioceses to follow. This is a two-year research project in partnership with St Mary’s University, Twickenham and the LSRI.”

Getting here