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A panel discussion will focus on career-related advice specific to those who are new to or interested in Sustainable Engineering.

In recent years, sustainability has become a cornerstone of engineering and an increasingly significant motivator for people to train as engineers and join the profession. Environmental sustainability can be broadly defined as the responsible use of natural resources so that they remain available for use by future generations. Similarly, social and economic sustainability can be thought of as improving and maintaining relationships among people, and monetary wealth. Together, these are the ‘three pillars of sustainability’. In this panel,  Dr Rupert Myers(Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, ICL) will lead a discussion of career paths in sustainable engineering with Imperial alumni, to explore what future opportunities there are in this area and what our alumni wished they knew as they set out on their careers.

This event will feel especially relevant for Imperial alumni who graduated within the last ten years, as well as students.


Dr Rupert Myers – Senior Lecturer in Sustainable Materials Engineering | Faculty of Engineering, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, ICL

Erusa Adizie – Net Zero Manager at Tarmac | MEng Electrical & Electronic Engineering with Management 2008

Sam Burdett – Materials Consultant Sandberg | BEng Materials Science and Engineering 2019, MSc Advanced Materials for Sustainable Infrastructure 2022

Sinéad Conneely – Director, Simple Works | MSc Applied Mathematics 2012

Yetunde Abdul – Head of Climate Action at UK Green Building Council (UKGBC) | MSc Environmental Technology 2002

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