Processable electronics

CPE Annual Symposium 2023 – Programme

Tuesday 4 July

G20 Royal School of Mines, South Kensington Campus, Imperial College London

Session 1 Chair: Prof James Durrant
10.00 Welcome: Prof James Durrant
10.10 Invited external speaker: Prof Akshay Rao, University of Cambridge

Rethinking exciton-phonon coupling in molecular systems

10.40 Invited external speaker: Dr Jenny Clark (University of Sheffield)

Singlet fission and triplet-triplet annihilation in organic and biological systems

11.10 Invited internal speaker: Dr Artem Bakulin (Imperial College London)

Ultrafast IR spectroscopy of soft electronic materials: from defects to fundamentals

11.40 Tea/coffee and posters (G01)
Session 2 Chair: Prof Ji-Seon Kim
12.10 Invited external speaker: Prof Moritz Riede (University of Oxford)

Organic solar cells – the path to commercial success               

12.40 Invited internal speaker: Dr Julie Euvrard (Imperial College London)

Electronic, optoelectronic and transport properties in halide perovskites: Characterisation and control

13.00 Lunch break sponsored by RSC journals Materials Horizons and Nanoscale Horizons
Session 3 Chair: Dr Felice Torrisi
14.00 Invited external speaker: Dr Joe Briscoe (Queen Mary University London)

Ferroelectric nanocomposites for enhanced solar energy conversion

14.30 Invited internal speaker: Dr Cecilia Mattevi (Imperial College London)

2D materials for energy conversion and energy storage

15.00 Invited early career speaker: Dr Reshma Rao (Imperial College London)

Investigating the water oxidation mechanism on metal oxide electrocatalysts using operando spectroelectrochemistry

15.20 Tea/coffee and posters (G01)
Session 4 Chair: Prof Matthew Fuchter
16.00 Invited internal speaker: Dr Felice Torrisi (Imperial College London)

Charge transport mechanisms in printed films with two-dimensional materials: enabling high-performance printed devices with 2D materials

16.30 Invited early career speaker: Dr Jess Wade (Imperial College London)

Talk title TBC

16.50 Invited external speaker: Prof Alessandro Troisi (University of Liverpool)

Digital materials discovery in organic electronics

17.20 Closing remarks and poster prizes

£100 poster prize sponsored by RSC Applied Interfaces

£100 poster prize sponsored by Journal of Materials Chemistry C

£100 poster prize sponsored by Sustainable Energy & Fuels

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With many thanks to our sponsors

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