The presentation is on an alternative design approach, namely the “Direct Stiffness-Strength method” (DSSM) for the incorporation of the bracing effect of sheathing in the design of sheathed cold-formed steel (CFS) structural members.  The motivation for this research is compiled from the research gap in appendix 2 of the latest American Iron and Steel Institute standard, which stated “New guidelines and procedures are expected in near future” for the sheathing braced design of CFS structural members.  The new DSSM approach presented in this paper is based on full-scale test results and individual sheathing screw connection test results previously published in the research articles of the authors.  The test parameters investigated are different sheathing board types (to account for the performance of each sheathing type) and different dimensions of the CFS structural member cross-sections (to account for the member slenderness).  A new set of empirical expressions are formulated to predict the stiffness and strength of the individual sheathing screw connections.  A simple two-step DSSM design example will also be presented.


Mahendrakumar Madhavan is a Professor in the Department of Civil Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Hyderabad, India. Prof. Madhavan teaches at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, provides industry training by conducting short courses and seminars, assists practicing structural engineers by offering consultancy services, and leads the structural steel research group at IITH with the goal of enabling sustainable construction practices at home in India and around the globe. He obtained his Ph.D. from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA, and a Masters’s Degree from The National University of Singapore, Singapore. Prior to joining IIT Hyderabad, Prof. Madhavan worked as a Structural Engineer at Alabama Power Company, Birmingham, and is a Registered Professional Engineer (PE) in the State of Alabama USA.

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