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Learn how to manage yourself and your work in uncertain times. Looking at:

  • The root cause of stress
  • Develop a growth mind-set
  • The ABC of managing adversity

Supported by thirty minutes pre-work and access to up to two hours of online support materials.

Micro-learning video content – asynchronous material provides stand-alone content that is also in support of interactive workshops. Short online single-topic videos will provide insight into professional development theory and concepts. Three to five-minute interviews provide a specialist perspective. Access is anywhere, anytime, is password protected with the opportunity to re-visit up to 3 months after the end of the programme.

Interactive live workshop – collaborative learning and webinar formats provide an opportunity to understand individual Why? So What? questions, clarify theory, provide discovery around the application of learning Small group discussion will allow peer support and shared experiences in problem-solving.

Workbook learning – reflective self-assessment questions and quizzes, insights into theories and models with links to further learning and reading, with the opportunity to revisit and provide opportunities for offline learning up to 3 months after the end of the programme.

To sign-up to this course click the ‘register now’ button and follow the instructions to sign in to ICIS. Once signed in search for this course and follow the prompted steps to register.

Please note: Absences and cancellations with less than 3 working days’ notice will result in a £50 charge. 

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