Professor Erik Melen

Professor Erik Melén is a distinguished researcher and senior consultant in paediatric allergy affiliated with Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden where he leads a 10-people research group. With a strong focus on medical science, Erik has made significant contributions to the field of molecular biology, genetics, and respiratory disease research. As a Principal Investigator of the large BAMSE birth cohort, he has led numerous studies investigating the complex interplay between genetics, environmental factors, and the development of respiratory diseases in children and adults. Erik’s expertise has been instrumental in advancing our understanding of respiratory diseases across the life-course, and in particular the long-term prognosis of childhood conditions. Erik has a robust publication record (350+ papers) and extensive experience collaborating on international research projects worldwide.

Erik will be visiting the NHLI department on 9th October to give his seminar titled ’25 years of research in the BAMSE cohort: lung function trajectories from childhood to adulthood, polygenic risk scores and beyond.’

All are welcome to join online or in person in SAF 113.

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