IMD and Menu2019s Mental Health: The silent sufferers in the world of Tech

When we think about Mental Health in Tech, we often focus on the wellbeing of nondominant, underrepresented groups such as women, ethnic minorities, or individuals belonging to communities like LGBTQ+.

However, according to research by Samaritans, men aged between 45 to 59, are three times more likely to take their own lives in comparison to women. A distressing finding that naturally begs the question, what is impacting men’s Mental Health in the workplace today? Could it be down to the fast-paced competitive environment or is it perhaps linked to ‘Emotional Illiteracy’ amongst men.

This International Men’s day, join us on a panel discussion where we explore some of the mental health challenges that might be impacting our male counterparts, and what we can do as female allies to ensure that our future workplace is one that cultivates a safe, supportive and encouraging environment for all.

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