Researcher speaking to audience Mohn event

Mohn Mingle: School absenteeism and the impact on health

We are excited to invite you to our monthly networking and research sharing meetings, the Mohn Mingle. Moving to our new home in White City offers opportunity to collaborate and network with colleagues from across the university and local area. 

The theme for this session will focus on school absence.


  • Samreen Shah

Please note this session takes place in person.

Samreen will be discussing the outputs of the Mohn Centre’s recent workshop which unites expertise from teachers, local authorities and community partner organisations. 

About the Mohn Mingle

This series of informal gatherings aim to bring together researchers and community partners from all levels and backgrounds to collaboratively discuss ideas and explore ways to improve the health and wellbeing of children and young people in urban environments.

Please note, these meeting take place in person to encourage collaboration and mingling! If you have any queries ahead of the meeting, please email

Why attend?


Connect with fellow, passionate academics across the College. These meetings are an excellent opportunity to expand your network and form valuable interdisciplinary partnerships.

Research exposure

Present your ongoing research or projects related to the theme, gaining valuable insights and feedback from your peers. Alternatively, offer your expertise to help others fine-tune their work.

Knowledge exchange

Stay updated on the latest research trends, opportunities, projects, and calls for grant funding.


Enjoy tea, coffee, biscuits, and fresh fruit while mingling with like-minded individuals both within and external to Imperial. These informal interactions often lead to meaningful discussions and collaborations.

Supportive environment

We encourage a welcoming and constructive atmosphere. No matter where you are in your research career, you’ll find an environment that nurtures your growth and development.

Getting here