Title: Interacting duality-invariant theories in diverse dimensions: new results

Abstract: This talk will review recent results on the construction of U(1) duality-invariant nonlinear models for gauge (2n-1)-forms in d = 4n dimensions, including $T \bar T$-like flows in the space of such theories. In the four-dimensional case, we will briefly discuss the following U(1) duality-invariant nonlinear systems: (i) models for N-extended superconformal higher-spin multiplets; (ii) the low-energy effective action for N = 4 SYM on its Coulomb branch; and (iii) models for spontaneously broken local N=1 supersymmetry. If time permits, a new formulation for a self-interacting chiral gauge 2n-form in d = 4n + 2 dimensions will be discussed.


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