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Are you writing a research paper for publication? 

Join our ‘Writing a successful discussion and conclusions section for a research paper‘ guided activity session designed to train you to improve your writing.  

Through a series of group activities, you will ‘reverse engineer’ successful research papers to identify the structure, language and strategies used by successful writers in your field. This process will both speed up your writing and ensure your paper truly communicates the value of your research to an increasingly global and interdisciplinary readership. 

You need to bring a published research paper ready to the session. This paper should be related to your own research/target publication and be one that you consider to be well-written. 

You will improve your ability to write research papers for publication by: 

  • familiarising yourself with the structure of research papers in your field to ensure that your writing meets the expectations of your target audience 

  • learning strategies to engage your readers and show the reader the value of your research 

  • becoming more aware of how well-written research papers achieve clear global communication  

This session is an interactive guided session, not a lecture. Because of this interactive nature, please note that this session is not recorded. If you’d like input on how to write the typical sections of a research paper, we recommend you complete our online self-study learning blocks.


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