Join Laura Zinke, Chief Editor of Nature Reviews Clean Technology to learn more about publishing with the Nature Portfolio, including targeting journals, pitching papers and reviews, and the publication process. She’ll also introduce Nature Reviews Clean Technology, a new reviews journal from the Nature Reviews Portfolio. NRCleanTech will begin publishing in January 2025 and will curate high-quality, authoritative reviews and opinion from leading and emerging experts. The journal’s scope is broad and multidisciplinary, committed to covering the technologies and processes to live more sustainably (for example by producing or utilizing renewable energies, lowering carbon and pollutant emissions, or reducing resource usage) and how clean technologies and processes are implemented.


Dr Laura Zinke joined Nature Reviews Clean Technology as the launch Chief Editor in 2024. She began her editorial career in March 2019 for the launch of Nature Reviews Earth & Environment, commissioning and handling articles across the biogeosciences and environmental sciences. She also undertook locum positions as an editor at Nature Communications and as a Senior Publishing Manager, focusing on environmental and sustainability sciences. She completed her PhD at the University of Southern California and a postdoc at the University of California Davis, studying microbial carbon cycling in sediment and soils.

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