Professor Joan Boyes

Join us for the latest instalment in the John Humphrey Seminar Series.

About the speaker

Dr Joan Boyes completed her undergraduate degree in Biochemistry at Oxford, she joined Adrian Bird’s lab at the Institute of Molecular Pathology, Vienna for her PhD where she studied the role of methylated DNA binding proteins in the repression of gene transcription. This was followed by postdoc work in Gary Felsenfeld’s lab at the National Institute of Health where she investigated transcription factor/chromatin interactions.

Joan returned to the UK in 1997 with a Kay Kendall Leukaemia fellowship and spent a year in the MRC Clinical Sciences Centre before being awarded a Lister fellowship and a group leader position at Institute of Cancer Research, London. Initially, Joan studied transcription factor acetylation but subsequently focussed on the epigenetic regulation of V(D)J recombination, which she has continued to study since moving to Leeds in 2004.

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