Dr Tamir Rashid

Joint Oncology/IRDB Imperial Seminar Series, Thursday 27.01.22 @ 13.30, hosted by Dr Wei Cui.

We are delighted to have Dr Tamir Rashid who is a Clinical Reader and Consultant Hepatologist. After graduating from St Mary’s Hospital Medical School, Imperial he did basic science training at the University of Cambridge (Wellcome Trust Clinical PhD Programme, under Profs David Lomas and Ludovic Vallier) and in Stanford University, USA (MRC Clinician Scientist Fellowship, under Profs Hiro Nakauchi, Jeffrey Glenn and Steve Quake). Following his return to the UK, he set up his first lab at the Centre for Stem Cells, KCL (Director, Prof Fiona Watt) and resumed clinical practise at the Institute of Liver Studies, King’s College Hospital.

Last year he was delighted to move back to Imperial (Department of MDR), and the lab is now based on the 10th floor of the Commonwealth Building.

His research programme is focussed on the use of human stem cells for modelling genetic liver diseases. The aims are to generate deeper mechanistic understanding,  identify new molecular targets and develop cell based regenerative medicine approaches. These translational ambitions are linked to his clinical work – running the genetic liver disease clinic (St. Mary’s), PI on several related clinical trials and leading the British Liver Association’s Alpha-1 Antitrypsin consortium.