Festival feedback

Evaluation Reports

During and following the 2017 and 2018 Imperial Festival our evaluation team carried out interviews with hundreds of attendees, exhibiting researchers and volunteers. You can read their thoughts in the reports below.

2017 Imperial Festival Evaluation Report.

Imperial Festival 2018 Evaluation Summary

Techtonics front man singing

Imperial's Big Band played up a storm at the official opening of the Festival

The Hazelab's Sirocco fire tornado experiment

The Hazelab's Sirocco fire tornado drew crowds throughout the Festival weekend - every 15 minutes, to be precise, when it flamed up.

boy looking in ideas machine

The Continuum exhibit immersed visitors in a hands-on journey through the process of idea creation

Girl looking through virtual realitygoggles

The Robot Zone was once again a ery popular attraction, giving members of the public the chance to get up close with virtual reality, artificial intelligence and painting robots

Ballet dancers

Performances led by Imperial's wide community of friends and neighbours were held across the weekend, from ballet, to Indian dance, and choral music

chef making doughnuts

A wide selection of fresh international cuisine was cooked on site, to make sure visitor's appetites were satisfied as much as their hunger for science!

Girl doing balloon experiment in Discover Zone

Popping balloons with lasers, and driving mini Mars rovers were some of the hands-on highlights within he Discover Zone marquee

Flight simulator tour guide

In addition to the drop in zones across campus, many visitors also joined tours of the flight simulator, wave tank and Quenn's Tower