Messy Monster

Make and play with a lively array of science-inspired activities. OKIDO’s Messy Monster will also be on hand to help you learn all about the brilliance of breathing.


Expect interactive fun for families of all ages, from getting up close and personal with a surgeon’s tools – including the ‘intelligent’ iknife that can tell surgeons whether the tissue they’re cutting is cancerous – to experiencing the sights and sounds of urban trees through VR.

Play with science-inspired toys and a 3D anatomy puzzle, go on a clover hunt around Prince’s Gardens and learn about your family’s nitrogen footprint, and build your own bacteria from Play-Doh.

The science of what kick-starts childhood asthma will be explored through the interactive exhibit Breathing Together, developed by world-leading researchers and OKIDO (creators of CBeebies star Messy Monster – who’ll also be making an appearance).