A drone

Check out the latest innovations in robotics, from smart flying drones, to high tech medical solutions, innovative artificial intelligence systems, and much much more!


The Robot Zone collects all the researchers across Imperial actively involved in pushing the boundaries of what we can do with robotics, and exploring what robots can do for humanity.

Push the limits of your mind control by bending (virtual) spoons, see the future of state-of-the-art robotic surgery and interact with your fellow audience and control robots to win football matches.

You will have the chance to see how intelligent artificial systems really are, and how these powerful analytic solutions can help doctors diagnose disease, better model our brain and help individuals reach their potential with active goal keeping.

Of course, this year our drone arena will be a key feature again! These intelligent flying machine can autonomously work together to deliver packages, write messages and land on moving platforms.

Finally, the creative side of robotics is explored, and you can see how robots can be used to create artwork and beauty.