We add value and deliver public benefit on a local, national and global scale. We do this by educating some of the world’s brightest students, creating a climate where researchers and staff can thrive, and building deep and lasting ties with our community and partners.

Imperial’s objects, mission and strategy

When Imperial College London was established in 1907, its Royal Charter defined its objects, or guiding principles. These are to provide the highest specialised instruction and the most advanced training, education, research and scholarship in science, technology and medicine, especially in their application to industry; and in pursuit of these objects to act in co-operation with other bodies. These objects continue to underpin the College’s mission.

The College’s Strategy guides Imperial’s work towards achieving its mission. The foundations of the College’s work are defined as its specialisation in science, engineering, medicine and business; its world class core academic disciplines; its emphasis on multidisciplinary research; and its vibrant, research-led, entrepreneurial environment.

In its focus on Imperial people, the College commits to building a supportive, inclusive and highly motivated staff community; enriching the student experience; and building strong relationships with our alumni and friends.

Partners are critical to achieving our goals, and we commit to strengthening collaborations across the globe; working with industry to translate our innovative ideas into real-world benefits; informing decision-makers to influence policy; and sharing the wonder and importance of what we do with the public, schools and our local communities.

The enablers that underpin our success are the strengthening and diversification of our revenue; professional support, consistent processes and appropriate technology for staff and students; and a commitment to acting courageously and innovatively when pursuing new opportunities.

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