Through its partnerships, Imperial strengthens its research and education collaboration, and helps to inform decision-makers to influence policy.

We also work with industry to translate innovative ideas into real-world benefits, and share the wonder and importance of what we do with the public, schools and local communities.

Despite the pandemic, Imperial sustained and grew its local, national and global connections and collaborations with business, academia and non-profit, healthcare and government institutions. Imperial is one of the world’s most international universities. We forged and maintained links across 192 countries, from joint labs and centres to seed funds and student exchanges. The higher education sector generally finds it difficult to establish partnerships for international collaboration in education.  We recognise that our strong record in international research collaboration is not yet matched by our achievements in international collaboration in education, which is why our International Relations Office is working to forge new education partnerships that reinforce and intersect with those in research and innovation.

2021–21 in focus

10-year-anniversary of the Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine

We celebrated the 10-year anniversary of the Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine, our landmark collaboration with Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. We have established a world-leading modern technology-based medical education and the school, now widely regarded as one of Asia’s finest, has a fourth cohort of new doctors graduating in late 2021.

A pioneering partnership

A partnership between Imperial, Shell and Diamond Light Source, known as InFUSE, is examining how technologies such as batteries, electric vehicles and chemical production can be improved by understanding and controlling the complex interfaces in these systems. This will enhance sustainability and deliver a pathway to help the UK meet its target of net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Our community links

Strengthening community outreach during COVID-19.

Imperial has initiated many local engagement activities for all age groups, especially during the pandemic lockdown. These include STEM education support for children, delivered through activity packs, online workshops and socially distanced live family sessions during the school holidays, and our ‘What the Tech?!’ phone-based programme to help older residents get online.

A key feature of our family engagement activity is the extent to which it engages our researchers in design and delivery. Imperial is continuing to develop a new government-backed mathematics sixth form school to support underrepresented groups. Imperial College London Mathematics School will open in 2023, offering maths, further maths and a range of other subjects, as the College, in partnership with Woodhouse College in north London, works to attract more female students, those from Black and minority ethnic groups, and disadvantaged and underrepresented communities into STEM opportunities.

“By the time disadvantaged students apply to university, it is often too late. This is crucial in mathematics, where a proven high capability is essential for science, technology and engineering degrees.”
President Alice Gast writing in The Economist

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