PCI DSS for Dummies

Compliance with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS) is mandatory if your company stores, processes, or transmits payment cardholder data. This e-book, produced by Qualys is all about understanding PCI and how merchants can comply with its requirements.

PCI DSS Foundation training

Powerpoint presentation from PCI DSS practioner training. It is recommended all staff handling cardholder data read this presentation to familiaris ethemselves with PCI DSS and its terminology.

The SIG has developed the first of a series of eLearning modules designed to support members PCI DSS awareness training within their institutions. Registration is required to access the eLearning modules.

Tampering Guide and Check list

PED quick check

PED and Pin Pad

The SIG is located here https://pcidsssig.org.uk/.