Nonlinear wave-current interactions

Started: August 2014
Supervisor: Swan, C.Christou, M.
Funding: BP

Description of Research

Although the description of waves and their underlying kinematics has significantly improved over the past few decades, the understanding of the interaction between waves and currents has not developed at an equivalent pace. This is an important restriction as waves seldom arise in the absence of currents. Furthermore, wave-current interactions give rise to substantial changes in the characteristics of the wave-field. On account of limitations in the physical understanding of wave-current interactions and restricted computational processing speed, coastal and offshore engineers have either neglected or simplified currents such that they are either depth-uniform or linearly-sheared. However, the error that comes with these simplifications has been proved to be significant. Consequently, this PhD-project focuses on an improved understanding of nonlinear wave-current interaction investigating the importance of numerous current profiles on wave characteristics. This will involve the development of a numerical model based on the Green-Naghdi theory of fluid sheets (GN-model) (Green et al. 1974 and Green & Naghdi 1976). The GN-model is capable of describing wave-current interactions in nonlinear, irregular and directional seas in both two- and three-dimensions.


Magnus is a graduate with an MSc in Civil Engineering and Business Administration from RWTH Aachen University. In 2011, he carried out an IDEA League Research Project at Imperial College with Dr Maarten van Reeuwijk on the topic of mixing in horizontally stratified fluids applying Direct Numerical Simulation.

Magnus Beyer PhD Candidate - Fluid Mechanics 
Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering 
Imperial College London SW7 2AZ