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Our commitment

We commit to providing our team members with the latest advice from the Government, to keep us all safe, and we will continue to monitor the Public Health England guidance to ensure that we can react quickly as the situation evolves.

We've missed you.

Your favourite College food and drink outlets are back (but we’re a little bit different).

As we approach the new academic year, we'll be embarking on a phased reopening plan for the majority of our outlets. This page outlines what will open when, as well as the measures we're putting in place to keep everyone safe.

The safety and wellbeing of our students and staff has always been our number one priority. So that we can all comfortably adhere to social distancing guidelines in our outlets, we've introduced a range of new safety procedures. Things are going to be slightly different for a while, so we appreciate your patience and understanding with our staff.

New Government guidelines states that we are required to display the official NHS QR code poster to allow customers to check-in and log their details for the NHS Test and Trace service. This means that anyone dining in our outlets will need to scan the NHS QR codes that are displayed and maintain social distancing. 


What changes can you expect?

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Enhanced cleaning

We're implementing a robust cleaning and disinfection regime for all areas and contact points, such as doors, handles and surfaces. 

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Social distancing

You'll need to maintain a 2 metre distance and follow the dedicated one-way system to avoid close contact. We'll also be minimising customer self-service of food, cutlery and condiments. 


Sanitiser will be available across College and in most outlets - we ask that you sanitise your hands when you're entering and exiting. 

What to expect - part 2

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To minimise contact, we will only be accepting card, Yoyo or Dill payments from now on. Dill is our new click and collect app - a quicker way to pre-pay and collect your favourite meals on campus. 

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Eating in

You'll be able to choose between taking away or sitting inside in most outlets, although tables and chairs will be socially distanced. We'll also be increasing the amount of outside seating across campus.

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Face coverings

Face coverings are essential in all catering outlets - please help to protect each other through wearing one whenever you visit us. 

Will every outlet reopen?

There are some outlets that will remain closed for the forseeable future. This is either because we can't maintain social distancing in that physical area or because they have been temporarily repurposed as student communal space. The following won't be reopening in the new Academic Year:

  • Electronic Engineering Cafe
  • Ex Libris
  • h-Bar
  • JCR Deli
  • The Invention Rooms Cafe

There is no definite date when the above will be able to reopen. We will be monitoring the situation regularly and will communicate with our community when more information is available.