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author = {Potts, VJ and Zdravkovi, L},
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AB - Based on the results of a parametric study investigating the behaviour of geosynthetic reinforced fill load transfer platforms above voids, using finite element analysis, a review of the nature of the soil arching that develops in the fill has been undertaken. The fill response to the formation of a void is compared with arching theories developed by Terzaghi (1943) and Hewlett and Randolph (1988). It is found that Terzaghi's approach is capable of describing all of the behaviour seen when a stable arch forms, whereas Hewlett and Randolph's formulation may only be applied to a limited number of cases. It is also found that the accuracy with which Terzaghi's approach predicts the vertical stress at the base of the fill layer depends on the value of the stress ratio K in the shear zone. Owing to the high level of disturbance in this zone, it is difficult to determine the value of K, but it is seen that the theoretical values suggested in the literature are too low and the vertical stress at the base of the fill layer is overestimated as a result. A suitable value of K is suggested from the numerical results, which is independent of the shape and size of the void, and of the fill and geosynthetic properties.
AU - Potts,VJ
AU - Zdravkovi,L
EP - 3649
PY - 2008///
SP - 3642
TI - Finite element analysis of arching behaviour in soils
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