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AB - A key element of quantifying both the hazard and risk due to inducedearthquakes is a suite of appropriate ground-motion prediction equations (GMPEs) thatencompass the possible shaking levels due to such events. Induced earthquakes arelikely to be of smaller magnitude and shallower focal depth than the tectonic earthquakesfor which most GMPEs are derived. Furthermore, whereas GMPEs formoderate-to-large magnitude earthquakes are usually derived to be transportable todifferent locations and applications, taking advantage of the limited regional dependenceobserved for such events, the characteristics of induced earthquakes warrant thedevelopment of application-specific models. A preliminary ground-motion model forinduced seismicity in the Groningen gas field in The Netherlands is presented as anillustration of a possible approach to the development of these equations. The GMPE iscalibrated to local recordings of small-magnitude events and captures the epistemicuncertainty in the extrapolation to larger magnitude considered in the assessment ofthe resulting hazard and risk.
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