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AB - Topographic effects are rarely accounted for in seismic design codes, despite their potential to significantly modify surfaceground motions. This paper investigates the influence of a canyon’s slope height on the surface ground motion through aparametric time-domain Finite Element (FE) study. A two-dimensional plane-strain model of an idealised canyon isconsidered for vertically propagating SV waves, using wavelets as input excitation. The model consists of two step-likeslopes with slope height (H), in a homogeneous linear elastic soil layer overlying rigid bedrock. The analysis results showthat the distribution of topographic aggravation at the ground surface varies significantly with normalized canyon depthover the input wavelength (H/λ) and it does not necessarily reach a maximum at a specific H/λ ratio, as has been suggestedin previous studies. The validity of this conclusion is investigated for different depths to bedrock and soil layer properties.
AU - Skiada,E
AU - Kontoe,S
AU - Stafford,P
AU - Potts,DM
PY - 2016///
TI - Canyon Depth Effect on Surface Ground Motion
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