From assisting students in financial need, to providing travel bursaries for overseas research placements, your support for Faculty priority projects enables students to make the most of their Imperial experience.

Lifting the burden of financial stress for medical students

London is an expensive place to live, and even with careful budgeting, it can be difficult to make ends meet. For medical students like Genevieve Hirsz, a bursary from the Faculty of Medicine Dean’s Fund is a lifeline, lifting the burden of financial worry and enabling them to focus fully on their studies.

"I’ve had to work to support myself financially since the second year of my degree. I’ve done babysitting and tutoring, but the hours are long, and I noticed that I was feeling tired during lectures and while on hospital placements. My experience of Imperial would be very different if I had been left to struggle with my finances. I would likely have isolated myself by spending all my time on earning money, which would have had an impact on my mental wellbeing and my academic performance.

Thank you for supporting the Dean’s Fund. Your generosity ensures that medical students – who are already dealing with the stresses of a demanding course – don’t have to stress themselves further by worrying about money.”

Broadening horizons through international travel bursaries

Through the Faculty of Natural Sciences Dean’s Fund, chemistry student Felix de Courcy-Ireland was able to spend the summer on a research placement in Seoul, gaining a unique insight into life and research in a different culture.

“I am so grateful for the opportunity I had to visit Korea, where I spent eight weeks at Seoul National University, working on metallaphotoredox catalysis for making sulfones. I’ve come away with improved lab skills, a deepened understanding of my subject, and a much clearer idea of what I want to do after my undergraduate course.

To everyone who donated to the Dean’s Fund, I’d like to say a big thank you. Your support gave me the chance to spend time in a country that I’d never visited before, to experience working life abroad, and to take up a placement in a laboratory that I would never have been able to get for myself.”