Tristan's Reflection

I think it’s common to feel proud of being part of such a prestigious institution, and to have gone through a university education that is looked up to across the world, but coming to Imperial can also be intense. Growing up in a small town outside of Birmingham, I had never experienced living in a city as energetic as London. As I tried to balance getting used to a new environment with coursework and the possibility of needing a part-time job, I found myself feeling a lot of pressure.

Receiving the President’s Scholarship really helped to lessen this stress.

It allowed me to focus on my time at Imperial without having financial worries to distract me from my studies. When I began to struggle with my mental health due to the volume of my workload in final year, your support meant that I had the time I needed outside of studying, to read, exercise, and meet up with friends.

It was small moments like these that made my experience at Imperial. My fondest memories are of taking breaks on the sofas in Skempton or celebrating the end of term in Hyde Park with the people I’ve gotten to know over the years. What has always struck me about Imperial is that everyone is friendly, kind, and considerate, and I feel so proud to be part of this community.

Now that I’ve graduated, my advice to current students would be to make time for yourself. By getting into Imperial, you’ve already proved that you will thrive, regardless of the route you go down after graduating. Dealing with intense periods of coursework and exams can be tough and takes a lot of resilience, so it is important to make time to relax. Chat with your friends in lecture breaks, go for a run or a swim; you are the priority.

I have now started work in actuarial services and have already noticed how the foundation that Imperial built up is serving me in the professional world. I’m looking forward to seeing the impacts it will have throughout my future career. The President’s Scholarship allowed me to make the most of my time at Imperial, and I am incredibly thankful for your support.

The effects that your generosity can have at an individual level are immense, and I have no doubt that this award means just as much to every recipient as it did to me.

Tristan (Civil and Environmental Engineering, 2023)

Aahnaf's Reflection

Truthfully, if I hadn’t received the President’s Scholarship, I most likely wouldn’t have attended Imperial.

I am the first member of my family to attend university, so the news that I had been awarded a scholarship filled my parents with pride and joy. To me, it meant that the College recognised my potential, and the decision to study at Imperial couldn’t have been easier.

In the three years I have spent here, I have learned an incredible number of lessons, and not just surrounding my course. During my first year, in the heat of the pandemic, I lost someone very dear to me. This took a massive toll on both my work and my wellbeing, and I suffered a lot. When I reached out for the help I needed, the College assigned me a personal mental health advisor, who worked with me throughout the rest of my studies to bring back my grit and focus, and overcome the grief that had swallowed me. Imperial has made me who I am today, providing me with the confidence, motivation, and resilience to overcome any hurdle I face.

The President’s Scholarship also helped to shape my experience at Imperial, relieving the financial burden of coming to university. It helped me to cover the costs of travel, food, books, and equipment, and enabled me to focus completely on my studies and mental health, even in the fast-paced environment of Imperial.

However, it was more to me than just funding support; it became a driving factor behind my motivation to succeed at Imperial.

One of my proudest achievements was being part of the founding committee of a new sub-society: STEM Muslims. Though I started off by simply supporting my friends, I soon became more involved and spent a year building the society from scratch, laying the foundations for years to come. We hope to foster a nurturing and supportive environment for both the talented Muslim students already at Imperial, and the budding leaders that are yet to join.

My advice to current students would be to savour the moment. Time flew right past for me and, if I could, I would rewind time and relive every moment of my journey. I will never forget the lessons I have learned, the memories I have made and the friendships I have formed. To be part of a thriving community of talented individuals is a privilege, but it is important to take things at your own pace. Do not neglect your studies, but most importantly do not neglect your wellbeing.

I am now enrolled on a postgraduate course at UCL, where I will be part of a project focussing on stem cells and their application to regenerative medicine. My ambitions have always been to become a researcher and contribute to the world of medicine, and this desire has only been fuelled during my time at Imperial.

To those who have donated to support me, I would like to say thank you. Receiving the President’s Scholarship has been invaluable, and is something I am extremely proud of. I will continue to work hard, achieve highly and repay your faith in me.

Aahnaf (Medicine, 2023)


Jessica's Reflection

Coming from a family of teachers, I have always felt supported in my decision to come to university and study Computing. Receiving the President’s Scholarship is further confirmation of that. The message that Imperial and its supporters believe in my ability to succeed in my studies has been invaluable and significantly boosted my confidence.

I am extremely grateful for the donors of the Scholarship Fund, which has made such a big difference to my time at Imperial.

The President’s Scholarship has helped to alleviate some of my anxiety about the financial cost of studying in London, especially during the current cost-of-living crisis. I’ve been able to focus on my degree and everything else Imperial has to offer.

My advice to current students would be to make the most of the huge range of clubs and societies here at Imperial. Throughout my degree I’ve been a member of DoCSoc (Department of Computing Society) and spent two years on the committee of the Imperial College Choir. This was an extremely rewarding experience, where I met so many great friends – in fact, some of my fondest memories of being at Imperial have been organising and participating in concerts with the Choir.

Imperial has equipped me with not only the necessary knowledge and skills for today’s technologies, but the ability to adapt and create the technologies of the future. I feel very lucky to have experienced Imperial’s high-quality teaching and research, which has given me such a great foundation for my future career.

Being awarded the President’s Scholarship has allowed me to get more involved with life at Imperial. It has been an honour, and I want to thank you for your generous support.

Now, I'm embarking on a PhD in the Safe and Trusted AI CDT, run jointly by Imperial and King's College London. I'll be continuing my research in the field of casuality, an area which I am very passionate about and which I belive will be an important step towards achieving safe and explainable AI. 

Jessica (Computing, 2023)