Your gift to the Faculty of Engineering gives us the freedom to respond to the priorities of our students and staff – and secures the future of engineering education at Imperial.

Flexible funding is vital. The needs of our students and researchers change from year to year.
That’s why the support we receive for the Dean’s Fund from alumni like you is so important. It allows us to respond quickly to emerging priorities – and to extend a helping hand when it’s urgently needed.

Last year the Dean chose to support students in hardship as well as bursaries for those participating in the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme. The fund will also be used to provide seed funding for an initiative to encourage women and girls to pursue engineering studies, as well as a diversity lecture series for academics.Samuel Garcin


Your impact

“My father is very ill and is not capable of working anymore and my mother lost her job last year so the situation was quite dire for me and I seriously considered stopping my studies. Thankfully I received a lot of support from the College, and the Dean’s Fund was a great help in covering my living expenses. Being able to obtain some emergency financial support helped to change my situation, and gave me the motivation to make the most of my time at Imperial.”
Samuel Garcin – Aeronautics, 3rd Year

This year, your gift could:

  • Provide scholarships for the brightest students from around the world
  • Support students in financial hardship with bursaries
  • Aid innovative blue-skies research which is pursuing the answers to tackle today’s global challenges.

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