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The Faculty of Natural Sciences’ mission is to make fundamental discoveries in the physical, mathematical and life sciences. With your help, we integrate research across these areas in a multidisciplinary way to apply our discoveries to the benefit of humanity.

The Dean’s Fund is unrestricted funding allowing the Dean to direct support where it is most needed. Last year, gifts from alumni and friends meant the Faculty was able to support students travelling abroad on summer placements. These opportunities expand students' personal and academic horizons, making them more employable and better prepared to make an impact on the world.


Support the Dean’s Fund and support students like Felix:

Felix de Courcy-Ireland

“I had never been to Asia and am grateful that I have been given the opportunity to visit Korea - it is a beautiful country. I am considering applying for a PhD and I wanted to get more research experience, and so an IROP seemed a great way to see more of the world and gain valuable insight. At Seoul National University I was working on some engaging chemistry, called metallaphotoredox, to make sulfones. It was an area I had been taught quite recently and a great emphasis was placed on how current this field is so it was rewarding to be in a laboratory working on this material.”
Felix de Courcy-Ireland, Chemistry, 4th Year

This year, your gift could:

  • Help us offer more paid research placements and internships, creating new opportunities for all students to gain experience working alongside leading researchers.
  • Ensure the Faculty can pioneer new approaches to teaching, complement traditional classroom instruction with digital media and harness social media to open up discussion and debate between students and staff.
  • Allow us to offer more fully-funded overseas exchange opportunities for undergraduates and early career researchers, plugging them into an increasingly global science culture.

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