Will you support the Imperial Bursary Fund, and help make sure deserving students are able to take up their hard-earned places at Imperial? Ensuring students from disadvantaged backgrounds have the help they need to succeed is crucial.

No young person with the talent and aspiration to study at Imperial should be deterred by financial worries. Yet with the cost of attending university in London continuing to rise, and government grants now a thing of the past, Imperial can seem like an impossible dream for students from the least well-off backgrounds. There is an urgent need for more assistance.

With philanthropic support for Imperial’s bursary scheme – designed to offer the right level of assistance to the students most in need – we can ensure that no future leader is held back from an Imperial education.

We invite our generous alumni and friends to make a gift to support students in need and to help build momentum behind this important initiative. 

Why is alleviating financial stress important?

Students in London can expect to spend £12,000 a year on basic living costs. For students from lower-income households, where parents are unlikely to be able to make much of a financial contribution, these high costs can be a struggle.

The offer of additional financial support, made at the right moment and at the right level, makes a real difference to students from low-income households who are considering a place at Imperial. A survey of Imperial students who received financial support from the College found that for seven in ten, the offer of help was an important factor in their decision to come to Imperial. The same survey also showed that for the poorest students, the help they’d received from the College was “essential” to covering the cost of living in London.

How will the fund be awarded?

The bursary fund is for those students who have met the stringent entry requirements to receive a place at Imperial, but lack the financial resources to study in London. For example, under this offer, UK students from a household with a combined income of £0 - £16,000 will be eligible to receive up to £5,000 – helping to provide a measure of security to ensure they can afford the rent, bills, food and other costs associated with taking up a place at a London institution like Imperial.

Make a gift today and help students from disadvantaged backgrounds to take up their place at Imperial.