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The Presidential Scholarship for Students of Black Heritage

The Presidential Scholarship for Students of Black Heritage was established to improve access and opportunity for Black students at Imperial.

As part of the College's £5 million commitment to scholarships for minority and underrepresented students from the UK, the scholarship will support one Master’s and one undergraduate student with Home Fee status from each Faculty. The first recipients of the award will be selected in the academic year 2022. As part of this scholarship, wrap around support will be provided for the students including mentoring advice and guidance.

We continue to seek support from alumni and friends to match this funding and help us go even further to ensure access to an Imperial education.

The Presidential Scholarship for Students of Black Heritage follows the Lara & Biodun Olanrewaju Scholarship in fostering the College’s commitment to providing financial support to outstanding students from all backgrounds, and helping remove barriers to studying at a world-leading institution. We realise that we are currently failing to attract and retain sufficient numbers of Black students, and are determined to resolve this. This initiative is part of a wider strategy to tackle racial inequality at Imperial.

We are pleased that the Presidential Scholarship for Students of Black Heritage will provide transformative support to many talented recipients, with the generous help of our College community. We hope you will consider making a donation to the scholarship fund, which will make a tremendous difference to the lives of our students as they pursue excellence at Imperial and in their future careers.

You can make your gift using the links below. You can also contact Clare Turner at clare.turner@imperial.ac.uk to discuss other opportunities. Thank you for your support.