Khuluud Hussein is currently studying for an MRes (Master of Research) in Cancer Biology in the Faculty of Medicine. In 2019, she was awarded the Dr Jean Alero Thomas Scholarship, which is funded by a generous legacy gift.

We caught up with Khuluud about her studies at Imperial, her future career plans and the impact of the scholarship.

Why did you choose to study at the College?

Imperial College London is consistently at the forefront of cutting-edge research. I chose to study at Imperial as it is a world-class institution that heavily centres around pushing boundaries and emphasises equipping students with the attributes required to excel further. In addition, I was extremely drawn to the courses provided, which very closely matched with my interests.

What’s your favourite part of your course?

The MRes in Cancer Biology appealed to me as it provides the opportunity to dive into the theoretical aspects of the field, but also predominantly the practical aspects. This has to be my favourite part: having the ability to conduct two research projects lasting five months each is an extremely enriching opportunity to pick up on a variety of skills in the lab, offering a huge insight into what it’s like to be a researcher.

Do you have any ideas at the moment about what you may want to do after you finish your degree?

I am particularly excited by the prospect of harnessing the immune system to fight cancer and I am keen on a career in research within this field. As a result, after finishing my Master's I hope to undertake a PhD in cancer research.

How has the Dr Jean Alero Thomas Scholarship helped you?

During my undergraduate degree, I established a firm interest in cancer immunology. I felt that this degree alone has not satisfied the magnitude of my curiosity, but instead has worked to amplify it further. As a result, I was keen not to stop my learning process there, but to embark on a Master's to dive deeper into the field and obtain a comprehensive understanding.

This would not have been possible without the Dr Jean Alero Thomas Scholarship. With an interest in a research career in the future, by covering the full costs of my tuition fees, this scholarship is invaluable as it removes the financial barrier that was preventing me from pursuing this career path. I look forward to acquiring more knowledge and undertaking this crucial stepping-stone towards a career in research. 

What message do you have for donors that have pledged to leave a legacy gift in their will or are considering to do so? 

Words cannot accurately portray how extremely grateful I am for receiving the Dr Jean Alero Thomas Scholarship. I would like to emphasise and extend this appreciation to all donors who leave a legacy gift.

There is a huge gap in postgraduate studies, with many students unable to pursue further studies for reasons other than their academic merit. This is largely due to financial factors, so legacy gifts like this go a long way in bridging these gaps and enable students, like me, to pursue their career goals and focus solely on their work. It is truly life-changing.

The Jean Alero Thomas Scholarship ensures students like Khuluud in the Faculty of Medicine are supported to succeed in their academic journey. Find out more about the impact of legacy giving for students like Khuluud.