In 2017-2018 Imperial reached out to more of its alumni than ever before through telephone campaigns. Over 150 Imperial students spent time outside their studies reconnecting thousands of Imperial alumni with their alma mater. They invited alumni to events taking place near where they live, sought feedback on our publications, updated contact details and offered the chance to support the future of Imperial by making a donation to one of our fundsOur students have spoken to alumni in almost every corner of the world, from Northern Europe to South Africa, from the USA to the UAE. We have also continued strengthening relationships with many alumni in Asia and Australasia, proving that Imperial's alumni community really is a global community whose members remember their time in London with great fondness and celebrate their connection to the College.


What we achieved in 2017-2018

  • Number of students: 158caller
  • Phone numbers dialled: 69,986
  • Conversations between students and alumni: 2,954
  • Alumni who pledged to support Imperial: 38%
  • Support pledged over the phone: £386,064
  • Donations received by Imperial: £180,394 (if you recieved a call from an Imperial student and would still like to make your gift, it's not too late! Click here to donate online today).

 How did your faculty perform?

  • Faculty of Engineering: £203,207 in pledged support
  • Faculty of Natural Sciences: £87,274 in pledged support
  • Imperial College Business School: £46,823 in pledged support
  • Faculty of Medicine: £48,760 in pledged support

In 2017-2018, our alumni and friends had the opportunity to support Imperial in the area about which they feel most passionate, whether that's providing emergency assistance to students in financial hardship, supporting a faculty to deliver key academic initiatives, improving pastoral care for students, or helping to modernise the Central Library. These donations to our funding priorities make a swift and tangible difference to the lives of current students at the College. 

What our alumni said...

One of the most rewarding elements of the telephone campaign is putting Imperial students, past and present, in touch with one another, even when their time at Imperial might be separated by fifty years! Here are some of the things our alumni shared with our students...

Alumnus and Student

"You must make mistakes, you must get stuck. That's how you get better!"

"If you want something in life, ask for it!"

"Every Imperial student should leave with the desire and ability to create something."

"I met my wife on my undergraduate course and we got married after graduation. We're expecting our first child soon!"

"I once managed to 'climb' the Queen's Tower, via the underground tunnels!"

"No one will ask what you graduated with, as long as you say you graduated from Imperial."

"Don't feel like you're trapped doing something just because you don't want to take a chance. Life's short - do what you want to do - be happy!"

What our students said...

callers"I found it extremely enlightening learning about what alumni were up to and how their career has progressed since Imperial."

"The thing I enjoyed most about calling was building relationships with former students of the College"

"I loved having inspiring conversations with alumni about their experience, their career paths, and in some cases about their memorable life lessons."

"Participating in the telephone campaign has been such a meaningful experience, not only when receiving generous donations to benefit current and future students, but also when learning from alumni about a variety of life experiences and career paths."

You can read more from our students by clicking here.

Thank you for your help

Everyone at Imperial appreciates your time and generosity, in particular the students who benefit from the advice that our alumni give, and the financial support that you provide. We hope that we will be able to contact more of our alumni in this way in the coming years, and involve you in the process of handing down advice and help to the next generation. 

If you would like to speak with an Imperial student in a future telephone campaign, please email Ollie Bennett (Regular Giving Coordinator).

If you would like to update your contact details, please click here.