Thank you!

Cai LintonI enjoy studying at the College as the resources available to students allows us to really explore beyond our core curriculum. Being in London is also great as it attracts such a diverse and international student body.

The practical aspect of my course is very interesting, where I have the opportunity to participate in the latest research and really feel like I am learning from the best.

In our 3rd year, we conduct a 9 month group project with our supervisor where we pose a question and design the experimental plan before actually going into the lab to generate results. This has been a very fulfilling project to be involved in and I especially enjoy how the work we are doing in the lab relates so closely to many of the lectures we study at home. I am really enthusiastic about translating my education into solving some of the many global challenges we are facing today.

I have been involved in the cross country and athletics club since first year. It is like having another family and it has been a fantastic way to make friends, explore London and focus on something unrelated to my studies.

This year all the lectures have been online, but the College has done a great job in changing the way lectures are delivered to make this transition completely manageable. I am glad that we also haven’t missed out on any of the practical elements of our course this year, as the College have put in place safety measures so that we can still go to the on-site labs.

After my degree I would like to build my own business, applying the principles of biology and engineering to build a more sustainable future.

Cai LintonThe Imperial Bursary has given me the freedom to engage in all that Imperial has to offer without financial sacrifice. I am fortunate to have been able to work on projects outside of my course that have allowed me to present my work at conferences around the world thanks to the Imperial Bursary.

Without the Imperial Bursary, committing to study at the College would have been far more difficult. The generous support from alumni and friends has enabled me to truly experience the College to the fullest and for the friendships, experiences and personal development, I am truly thankful.

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