Thank you!

Student Judy Xia I chose to study at Imperial for its brilliant reputation for being a research institution. As a passionate researcher in energy and environmental policy I was delighted to have the opportunity to meet my current supervisor, whose unique research group stood out to me amongst the other programmes I was applying to.

So far, I really enjoy the Graduate School Professional Development courses ranging from computing basics to research management. I have learned a lot of technical skills and networking skills and through this I have connected with PhD students. It feels like the College is continuously providing new resources to help us succeed and it is a wonderful environment for me to thrive in.

 My research focuses on the socially equitable pathways towards net-zero transitions. My current project is on quantitatively evaluating the socio-economic impacts in the electricity systems optimization process. I’ve always been curious about the systems-level implication of low carbon technologies and look forward to using my work to inform policy decisions that are not only cost-affective, but also intentional in adding socio-economic value to our society.         

I aspire to pursue a career in the public or private sector in a policy thinktank or research institution. Another career pathway that I may consider is a Technical consultant.

 The President’s Scholarship Fund has allowed me to pursue independent research in an area that I’m interested in. It has enabled me to be financially stable and focus on my work as well as enjoy my experience in London.

The support of alumni and friends is one of the main reasons that I was able to pursue my PhD at Imperial. Knowledge that such a generous community have supported me truly makes my education experience more enriching. I look forward to supporting a student like me in the future, thank you for believing in me.

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