Thank you!

Lottie Barot recipient of the President's Scholarship Fund

I always knew that London was the city I wanted to study in, as it provides opportunities like nowhere else. Imperial College London’s world renowned scientific research and teaching is one of the best in the world. After comparing other universities in the UK, I knew this university was for me. The facilities are exceptional, the accommodation is the best I have ever seen, and the course structure exceeded my expectation!

During my course I have enjoyed home visits to patients and taking part in a game-based activity exploring the experience of a medic in an Everest expedition team. I love the diversity of the course, not just in the subject content but in the way it is delivered.

The most interesting project we have been working on has been investigating the contents of the thorax by dissecting our own group cadaver in anatomy. Although dissection on cadavers is very different to living patients, the skills I am learning are vital for becoming an excellent surgeon, a career path that I am considering in the future. As very few universities do hands-on dissection anymore, this opportunity at Imperial is once in a life time and something I will value for the rest of my career.

Within my field there are so many options of what speciality I could pursue which is exciting. With an Imperial education I feel confident that whatever specialty I choose, I will be very well equipped and enthusiastic about it.

I am very grateful for my President’s Scholarship which has allowed me to take part in a trip to Everest Base Camp in aid of the charity Hope for Children, which is an extraordinary experience offered by Imperial. I would like to express my deepest thanks to anyone that has donated money to the scholarship fund, as it makes such a massive difference to students like myself. Without it, I would not have been able to take part in such incredible activities and receive such great support. As well as financial assistance, it is a massive confidence boost and the push I needed to start university without worrying about if I’d be good enough. I cannot thank the alumni community enough for their generosity, it really does make a world of difference to all that receive support.